A Poem About Sky And Its Elements

Infinite and boundless, the sky above,
A canvas of hues, a canvas of love,
A masterpiece painted by nature’s hand,
A world of wonder, a dreamland.

The clouds, a congregation of dreams,
A dance of shapes, a thousand themes,
A symphony of light, a play of shade,
A canvas of thoughts, a world portrayed.

The sun, a radiant ball of fire,
A source of warmth, a heart’s desire,
A beacon of light, a guide of life,
A source of hope, a world of strife.

The moon, a mystic orb of light,
A silent witness, a poet’s delight,
A symbol of peace, a calm repose,
A world of dreams, a mind’s close.

The stars, a glittering veil of night,
A twinkling dance, a heavenly sight,
A map of destiny, a guiding hand,
A world of wonder, a universe grand.

The sky, a tapestry of life,
A symphony of elements, a world alive,
A canvas of hopes, a world of dreams,
A masterpiece painted by nature’s beams.

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