There She Was Afraid Of Her Life


There was a girl

Who was running away from

What she always feared.

So for longest of time

She was scared of her life.

And once she ended up

On the other side of the world

From where was hiding herself

As life is circle

She reached the place that dreaded her.

Until the day

When the whole world went silent

She was forced to see

Stuck by her comfort zone

In the locker of her panic

That shattered into pieces.

For then she realised

That fear will never go

So she stopped running

And accepted the reality with gratitude

There she was walking by the side of her fears

And found a way to befriend with them.

There is a lot to takeaway from this simplest poem if you understand it wisely. We are often afraid of our fears and we constantly try to run away from them. Running away from it will just make you feel happy and comfortable for a while. Always remember that life is a circle and in the end, one day or the other you will have to face it any ways. Justifying yourself, making your subconscious and conscious mind happy by giving false hopes will never let you out of your comfort zone.

The best thing that you can do to get out of your comfort zone is to face it. I know, it is hard but it is surely better than facing it later with bad terms. Let me give you a spoiler, it will make you more courageous and mentally strong to face extreme difficulties in your life. It builds the honesty and opinion ship in you. If you are my regular reader then you might have noticed that most of my blogs are filled with the feeling of gratitude and learning.

Face until until you make it!

That’s a wrap for today!

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