The Best Mesmerizing Trip To Manali

Taking a break from the life, after the boards exam, in May 2022, packed my bags and went on an amazing trip to Manali with my friends. Travelling is indeed an important aspect of life and I have gone to many places but Manali, it changed me, in the best way possible.

It was my first trip without family and honestly, it enriched the experience and broadened my personality and confidence onto another level. We have always been in our comfort zone when travelling with parents, same goes with me. When we are travelling with parents, they care about the food and luggage and everything. But here as we were all alone without our parents, I learned to be responsible enough for myself. Taking care of the food for myself and others made me miss my mom. Yet on the positive note it made me accountable for my belongings.

After the 27 hours of long journey we reached to our destination, Manali. As soon as we reached there, the beauty was so captivating and jaw dropping that it made all of us captured in it. High mountains with white beautiful snow, and the majestic hills covered with pine trees all over made the atmosphere prettier. There were little houses situated on the hills and at night it made them look so eye catching. But the struggle of the people living there is real.

As there are no direct supplies of the regular chores you need in your daily life. You have to walk meters and meters every time you need something. This made me learn one thing that if you need something beautiful and captivating in your life you have to learn to earn and value it. Nothing comes easier.

On our second day of trekking we had to trek for about 13 kms. Carrying our heavy bags to reach on to our destination, roli kholi. The hills were so high and inclined that it took all the energy and force out of us to walk. At points, I felt like giving up and the weight our bags on back made it more difficult to climb. I doubted myself that why, why I had to come on this trip. But as I said earlier, beautiful things never come easy, it had been set in my mind which made me climb.

After almost 9 hours of tiring trek, laughing, crying, cursing, taking breaks, there we reached our target. The beauty from 8000 feet from sea level was so marvellous and astonishing and it gave me the utter satisfaction. One important thing that I learnt from this was never giving up. No matter how much hard life gets, no matter how much tired you are, take breaks, but giving up is not ever an option.

The next day was extremely challenging as we had to snow trek to reach our final, ultimate goal that is Brighu Lake. Our instructor told us that not everyone can reach there which made me promise myself that I have to get there. It was hard to trek on snow as of course it was slippery to walk. After 5 hours we finally reached there. I felt liberated. Here I learnt to never hurt your ego. If you decide something, do it, no backing off.

When we were river rafting, the boat was going up and down but I was enjoying a lot which made me realise that life will have a lot of ups and downs but you should know how to manage it. On our last of trek, we had bonfire and at that moment I understood the importance of pause. Sometimes you need to pause in your life and enjoy with you friends and talk to them at your lows.

Overall, the trip brought out nothing but the best in me. It changed me. I learnt to be self-confident, responsible and the importance of happiness and peace in life. Now I know that wherever life takes me, I will manage it some or the other way.

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Highly grateful to Trek On and the team for giving us such beautiful experience.