Stopping by the woods summary by ‘Robert Frost’

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.

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Robert Frost has always been an inspiration for me. His poems are quite meaningful, profound and interesting. I came across his one of the poem ‘Stopping by the woods’. Here is the summary and my learnings from it.

The poet was passing by the woods on a snowy evening. As soon as he was walking towards, he wanted to enjoy the natural beauty of the snow covered woods. He further mentioned that he knows the owner who lives in the village and is assured that the owner won’t see him stopping therefore he can enjoy the beauty out there.

Moreover, he saw the horse and thought that the horse must be perplexed to see him. The only sound that the poet was able to hear was of horse’s bell, wind and the fall flakes. The narrator was enjoying the beauty of stillness and darkness which were lovely to him but he couldn’t stay there for a longer time.

He remembers that he has to keep walking to reach his destination and the responsibilities he has been assigned for. Without any regrets and complains he moves forward. ‘Miles to go before I sleep’ has been metaphorically used to convey ‘death’.

My learnings

We often come across the distractions that hold us in its vicious circle. The ‘wood’ here represents the distractions. The poet was distracted by the beauty and calmness of the dark and wood which made him stop and stare. But he had the control over his mind and stopped himself from getting more distracted and move further.

Similarly, we should realise that we have responsibilities and liabilities in our lives for our good and getting distracted will not reinforce it. So, to keep moving forward, know your distractions and stay away from them.

Likewise, we often like something, for example, a trip. Who doesn’t like to go on a trip and a good vacation? But in the end we have to come back and live a regular working life. We feel extremely nostalgic after we come and the memories won’t fade. At that moment, we got to realise that good and bad moments last only for a while so in the end we have to keep moving forward.

In a nutshell, whenever you don’t achieve something that you have been always wanting to, understand that God has better plans stored for you. Even if you have achieved something big in your life, don’t stop or feel superior and proud after it. In any case, just remember, ‘Miles to go before you sleep.’

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