Fear of being judged leading under confidence.

It’s been almost a month; my college has begun. Those who doesn’t know, I am pursuing bachelor of pharmacy and one common thing I have noticed in most of the students is the under confidence.

The other day I was talking to my friends in college and we were discussing regarding the skills and passion and he/she told me that ‘I have no skill, I am good for nothing.’ Listening to this made me feel awful.

Source: HuffPost

We all possess some or the other skill and the ability to make it worth. It’s just that we need to dig deep into ourselves. People are under confident as they fear that if they will make any silly mistake people will judge which would eventually embarrass them.

Whenever we are having such thoughts we must remember that ‘no one is born perfect’ not even the person who is judging you. If you are stopping yourself to get out of the comfort zone just by thinking that people will judge, then let them. Make silliest mistakes, ask silliest questions but learn from them. Learn from each and every step you take which might be successful or even not.

Another reason why people cannot find their skill and passion is because that they haven’t been curious enough to know themselves. Remember, curiosity is the key. Look within, you have that epic skill in you.

People are going to come and go but in the end, you only have yourself.

– Embrace your flaws rather than being embarrassed about them.