Besabriyaan From MS Dhoni: Breaking down music

Raaste bhaage
Paanv se aage
Zindagi se chal
Kuch aur bhi maange

Kyun sochna hai jaana kahaan
Jaaye wahin le jaaye jahaan
Besabriyaan, besabriyaan

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Do you ever feel like that you are just running in your life without knowing any destination? We have all been there. The path on which we are walking is dark and light at times with full of twists and turns and you worry about what and how will be your destination. The patience in you gets questioned. Time passes and you realise that being tensed about destination will just ruin the journey so you start enjoying the process. Relatable enough?

Kadmon pe tere baadal jhukenge

Jab tak tujhe ehsaas hai

Jaageer teri tera khajana

Ye tishnagi hai Ye pyaas hai

Kyun rokna ab ye kaarvan

Jaaye wahin le jaaye jahaan

Besabriyaan, besabriyaan

Only if you believe in yourself, trust yourself and the destiny’s plan, you will touch the heights of cloud with your success. The persistence, patience, perseverance, and the ability to always learn with a growth mindset will give you the treasure of happiness.

Kya ye ujaale

Kya ye andhere

Dono se aage hai manzar tere

Kyun roshni tu baahar talaashe

Teri mashaale hain ander tere..

Kyun dhoondna pairon ke nishaan

Jaaye wahin le jaaye jahaan

Besabriyaan, besabriyaan

Our light is within us so why do we often ask for in the society? Why do we need constant validation from others? Why do we depend on others for our decisions and confuse ourselves more? There are is difference in taking guidance and getting dependent on someone. Guidance is powerful and useful but in the end the decision should be of ourselves. Because that’s how we learn to be bold and take a stand for ourselves. Take risks, get out of comfort zone and see where your impatience takes you.

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