We Meet No Ordinary Person in Our Lives

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Have you ever met someone whom you are grateful that you met or someone with whom you wished to never meet? I bet, you would have! Every person you meet or everything that occurs has some reason behind it. You will never know the cause until you connect the dots. And it requires time.

Let us believe that you have met someone in your life who was your buddy first and now you guys don’t talk to each other for any reason. Be it bad terms, misunderstanding, lack of communication and time or anything. And somewhere in your mind you must have thought that ‘I wish I never met him/her.’ Exactly! That’s how we create hatred towards people and negative aura within ourselves.

I know it’s hard to swallow when someone betrays you or does something that ruins your relationship with each other but that’s how we evolve and learn. For an example, someone bullied you in your childhood. Naturally, you would not like them but instead of creating hate towards them why can’t we ever see the other side? Why can’t we think that this particular person was the last one to bully me and now I have understood it and I won’t ever let anyone else bully me. Why can’t we think like this? I’ll tell you.

Because, the human mind cannot think of the positives when something isn’t in our favor. Once you start seeing the positive side of any bad experience happening with you, boom, you have won most of the challenges to face people.

God sent them to you so that you can be strong enough to not get bullied again. Similarly, we meet numerous people each day and to every one we talk has some reason behind. Nothing can stop you from meeting and facing the people you are destined to. So, now when you meet anyone who makes you sad in anyway, look at the positives. Trust me, once you develop this mind-set nothing can stop you from growing, getting stronger and facing the world. You’ll learn from it and next time when any similar thing happens you’ll know how to face it. Simple. Isn’t it?

On the other hand, you have met someone who is well mannered and disciplined than you are. Gradually, they become your close friend and you start to learn the values through them. God sent them to you so that you can develop the lack you had. Isn’t it wonderful?

It does not end here. You may meet someone on road, in garden, café or even in the train for just few minutes but they made you realise some valuable things that you needed to learn.

It’s just the human mindset that has been stopping us to think broadly and out of the comfort zone. Solution in always in the problem. It’s just about the observation, perspectives and willingness to learn.

This is Harshita Nankani, signing off. Until next week!

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  1. The perfect blog for someone suffering from the trauma or has faced bullying and stuff like that should read! So proud of you. Just keep moving forward and keep up the great writing ✍️❤

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