The Poem If You Trust The God’s Plan

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The path of learning will not be easy

You have to put complete faith in it.

It will not be easy

But it will surely make you

To dig deep than you have ever done before

To make you understand more than you would have ever done

It will not be easy

You will learn more

Know more

And get stronger

About yourself; for yourself

Be grateful for the things you have

That you never wanted

Rather than being ungrateful

About what you always wanted but didn’t received.

As he is testing you

The way you react and

The way you keep belief

Because he doesn’t give such tasks to those

Who cannot tolerate.

It will not be easy

But it will be worth

If You Trust God’s Plan

We often fail to believe in God when things don’t go the way we wanted. We should realise that the Almighty is taking our test to see how we react and if we trust him. Moreover, accepting and believing in God makes our mind happy and soul peaceful. Just know better things are coming on your way.

However, I am linking the amazing stories about trusting god’s plan which might help you.

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