Thanksgiving By Henry David Thoreau

So I came across this piece of thanksgiving that was shared by my uncle and when I read it, I was overwhelmed. It has indeed a very deep meaning and I felt like to share it with you all.

The author ‘Henry David Thoreau’ is expressing that he is grateful and satisfied with what he has and what he is. He says that, the feeling of gratitude and satisfaction he possesses is endless. No matter at position of life he might be, best or worst, he will always be gratified. The mere thought of just existing in this world makes him jovial. He further adds that he is ready to face and accept all the difficulties and the success that will come in all the varieties with the enthusiasm. The author says that he is ready to have this typical mindset until he is alive and exhaust the positives before negatives come in his way.

He is glad that all his pessimistic thoughts for himself and even for others does not overpower him. The positive mindset that he has built over years will emphasis and no gloominess will destroy it. Therefore, the feeling of jealousy and comparison won’t be there to demolish his mind like worm or rot. The environment that he is living in, the situation that he is in makes him happier than any comparison of richness to others.

He laughs when he thinks about his unclear future for he has always been a person to live in present. As no thought and people can drain and destroy such a mindset from him because the wealth that he is earning, the life that is living, the happiness that he has is not because of the control he has created but an enjoyment.

My thoughts

In a sentence, an outstanding piece of gratitude. I cannot stress much upon the amazing way he has written and presented as only few would totally understand it. And the ones who did, will have a great impact in their mind-set.

The happiness that he has only by existing and the richness that he feels in joy is something we all should strive for. As they say, ‘As you sow, so shall you reap.’ Whatever you give to the universe, the universe will bring it back to you. Ending with a positive note. Until next week!

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