Muskan By Dikshant: Breaking down music

Anjaani Si Raaho Pe Tum

Apne Se Banke Mile

Manzil Se Bhatka Main Gum Tha Kahin

Rahon Pe Le Tum Chalein

Durr They Kyun Hum Itne

Pass Toh Aao Naa

Roke Hai Maine Kabse Jazbaat Bhi

Mujhko Gale Se Lagao Na           

Ever heard of social media friendships? When you meet someone on social media platform or somewhere unexpectedly and eventually you guys become so close that you feel like they are far better than your friends who are living with you. This song will remind you of them at some point. The incredible urge you have to meet them and be with them but the distance becomes the barrier. From other point of view, when your best friend or partner goes miles away from you and you miss them, this song will hit you hard. That wrenching of heart and soul that you will feel at times due to lack of physical presence would break you down sometimes.

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Khoni Hai Neendein Tumhari Baahon Mein Hi

Karni Hai Lambi Baatein Khaali Raahon Mein Hi

Samajh Toh Lete Ho Har Baat Ko

Samajh Lena Jab Kahunga Khamoshi Mein Hi

Tum Aaye Ho Toh

Muskan Bhi Aayi Hai

Tum Aaye Ho Toh

Muskan Bhi Aayi Hai

It been a while or maybe you have never met them. You visualise yourself with them and wish if they were physically present with you so that you would hug them for a while and feel utter comfort. Having this deep conversation late night with shiny stars and a long walk has always been in your wish-list but unfortunately they are far. They understand you so much better that even when you are silent and cannot explain yourself they can read your mind sitting miles away from you. Due to their presence and just existence in your life, you have been better. The smile and glow on your face is charmed up.

Aankhon Ko Samjhana Bhi Hai

Tumhein Sheher Tumhare Jaana Bhi Hai

Par Karna Intezaar Jaana Mera Tum Bass

Tumhare Uss Sheher Mein Mujhko 

Toh Aana Bhi Hai

Phir Milke Ginengey Woh Taarein

Aur Chaand Ke Woh Saarey Nazarey

Dekh Agar, Taara Tuta Agar

Toh Hai Na Waada

Kehta Rahunga Yeh Haan Main.

You are now tired of the talks and conversations on the rectangular screen of your phone. And now you want to have face to face conversation by looking into their eyes. You cannot wait to meet them in their city and exploring all the culture and delicacies there. Universe is teaching you to be patient and you know it will worth. At least you are under the same sky. I know, I know this is a very lovey dovey song but according to me you can have this feeling for anyone. Be it your family, partner or friend.  

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