Ek Din Aap Yun: Breaking Down Music

Ek din aap yu hamako mil jaaege
Phul hi phul raaho me khil jaaege
Maine sochaa na thaa

Have you ever felt that moment of happiness where you have been waiting for something for so long and finally you get it. This song mainly represents for human love and relationships but I consider it to be anything that you love, be it a dream vacation or a dream house. The days and nights that you have passed in hopes and patience by romanticising it finally shows up. The dream that you have been visualising like it already exists and working hard to actually achieve it happens.

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Ek din zindagi itani hogi hasi
Jhumegaa aasamaa gaaegi ye zami
Maine sochaa na thaa

You have always been a loner in your life and have never felt that joy of a real friendship and relationship but one fine day, you meet someone who becomes an important part of your days and nights unexpectedly and that is the exact moment you realise that life is really beautiful with the right people around you. Even the worst moments and situations feel easier with them.

Dil ki daali me kaliyaa khilane lagi
Jab nigaahe nigaaho se milane lagi
Ek din is tarah hosh kho jaaege
Paas aaege madahosh ho jaaege

In the hope of feeling loved you have met your better half and suddenly the weight that you have been carrying in your heart feels lighter. Looking into their eyes makes your living and comfort happier. You know that you can rely on them when your life turns upside down. But deep down the thought of losing them haunts you. We cannot deny the reality that someday, we all will fall apart.

Jagamagaati chandani raat hai
Raat hai yaa sitaaro ki baaraat hai
Ek din dil ki raaho me apane lie
Jal uthege mohabbat ke itane die
Maine sochaa na thaa

Deep night and cosy weather, you are sitting in the veranda of your house, gazing at the shining stars and being grateful for all the living stars that you have in the form of friends and family with you. You realise that you are blessed with best people that you always wanted. And right now, while you are reading this, you are thinking about them. That’s how you know that they are special to you.

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