Self-Belief: The Secret of A Happy Life

What is self-belief

According to me, the confidence in one’s ability to achieve the goals and tasks in spite the whole world is against you is defined as self-belief.

The difference between self-belief and over-confidence

When you over-estimate your abilities that is a fixed mindset attitude which leads to over confidence. The mindset to always grow and learn is self-belief.


Why is self-belief important?

Straight point. You cannot work with your full ability and strength if you don’t believe in yourself.

The thing is, you won’t be able to do any particular thing even though thousands around you motivate you unless you believe in yourself. And, regardless thousands around you demotivates you, make you feel down but if you believe in yourself, nothing, literally nothing can stop you from achieving it.

That is why self-belief is important. The straight and simple reason.

It affects you values, skills, knowledge and abilities and even encompasses your lifestyle and choices.

Why do people lack self-belief?

Self-belief is not inherited. You build it by yourself.

Often, people lack self-belief due to unhappy negative home environment, bad and traumatic experiences and narrow minded thought patterns.

However, taking any experience in a negative or positive way is in your hands. If you want it, you work for it. Anything that is pushing you away is your own mind and excuse.

How do you develop self-belief?

Growth mindset

The first step is growth mindset. Read my blog on growth mindset for better understanding. I promise it won’t disappoint you.

Limiting beliefs

You cannot get out of your comfort zone if you don’t evaluate your mind and thoughts. Now you may ask, how? Simple, never stop learning and gaining knowledge. The more you learn the more you grow.

Positive self-talk

Oh, I cannot much stress upon it. This step is so important. You are your only best-friend. Positive self-talk isn’t about knowing all the answers that you are thinking. It is about reviewing how you think. We are definitely talking about ‘positive self-talk and how does it work in my next blog.

Perspectives matters

When you change your thinking towards limiting beliefs, your perspectives of looking towards the thing changes. Your mindset broadens and you understand the ideas of others and not just yourselves.


You see the things the way you want to see it. Powerful and positive visualisation is something you would like to add into your life. According to law of attraction, you need to visualize and believe that the thing has already happening when you working for it. However, there is a difference between visualizing and over-looking which you need to balance.

Final words

BE YOURSELF AND BE TRUE TO YOURSELF! Putting yourself under any pressure to compare and achieve by keeping up with somebody’s achievements harms your own health. Everyone has a different story and journey. Make the best out of yourselves.

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