Happiness is not by chance, but by choice

Happiness is not by chance, but by choice”-Jim Rohn

Happiness- The word itself has a positive vibe, isn’t it? Well, the definition of happiness varies from person to person as it is such a vast concept. Some believe that money can’t buy happiness and some believe only money can buy happiness. For some, happiness is spending time with their family and themselves and for some happiness is partying with their friends and buying new Nike shoes every week.

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An Example Of Happiness

As Jim Rohn said, happiness is a choice and I strongly believe in it. It depends on how we feel about us. Once a cobbler was sitting under the tree with his old radio tape. He was listening to old songs murmuring and enjoying. A rich posh man came across him to get his shoes polished. He was so stressed about his big deal in business and while he was leaving he saw that happiness in cobbler’s face. He couldn’t resist and asked the cobbler, “What makes you so happy by doing this job?” The cobbler replied, “Sir, I am poor but I am happy with what I do.” The man realised that, happiness comes from within us.

Its The Way You See

Happiness depends on the perspectives of how you see the situation. The cobbler was happy with little money and the rich man wasn’t even though he was a millionaire. Each coin has two sides. The day we start finding positives out of every situation that we are going through, no one, literally no one can stop us from being happy.

Internal happiness depends on how you see the things. Little joys on small things that you achieve are important. We don’t have to extract it out of the situations. In the end, it is how we choose to feel things.

Your happiness is your responsibility. You cannot always expect others to make you happy, it never helps. The more you rely on people, the more you get hurt.

What is happiness for me?

If you ask me what is happiness for me, I’d say, being satisfied with what I have Currently and not being greedy to want more is happiness for me. Why I emphasized ‘currently’ is because humans can never be satisfied with what they get and till some point they shouldn’t even be as it will stop the growth. And by the word ‘currently’ I mean is whatever I am getting, whatever I have, I should be happy for it and not feel less or disregard about it.

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2 thoughts on “Happiness is not by chance, but by choice

  1. On point ! These days Happiness slides away because people overthink it and doubt themselves even when they know they’re right !

  2. Wonderful piece. Rightly said that there is no end to mans greed but we should be happy if our needs are being fulfilled.

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