Book Review: The Untethered Soul

Author- Michael A. Singer

Genre- Spiritual/ Self-help


The thing that I love most about this book is that the author truly takes you on an utmost journey of discovery, being the interpreter and guide. It is okay if you are not aware of the spiritual concepts. This book is perfect for someone who is wanting to head on to the spiritual journey in their life. This book is a great aid for someone who is lost or have been avoiding their own needs lately. Discovering yourself for the very first time or finding yourself again after a breakdown, this book will guide you throughout. In a nutshell, it is the perfect guide towards spirituality and self-enlightenment.


Some of my favourites

Part-1- Awakening consciousness

Chapter 3- Who are you?

– The utmost guide to finding yourself that you are what you are now. Perfectly described.

Part-2- Experiencing Energy

Chapter 6- The secrets of spiritual heart

– You are the experiencer of your heart. Learning the process of flow of energy and letting go.

Part-4- Going Beyond

Chapter 14- Letting go of false solidity

– The guide to take you on the level where nothing bothers you, externally or internally. One of the best.

Whom would I recommend

As mentioned before, this book is a kick start for anyone who wants to step on to the spiritual path.

Totally an under-rated book!

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