2023- The Progressive Revolutionary Year

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2022 was a blur year of high hopes, down days and finally getting out of the pandemic

Although as expected the sun will rise again in 2023- A fresh new drizzling year,
Along with it, will make it promising to myself by filling it with confidence, patience, self-love and keeping myself out of fear.

Definitely, the coming year will be different as I will develop the power of an ox,
Beginning right from the first day, I will get out of my comfort zone and try to think out of the box.

I will hopefully fulfill my unfinished manifested dreams,
And will try to improvise my health and physique by all means.

I will probably save more money and spend less on junk food,
And I will surely not let anyone or anything ruin my happy mood.

I’ll assure my family quite often and will also try to make them proud,
And will also learn to speak softly instead of just speaking out loud.

I will try to pledge to wear on an active wear and keep discipline to workout daily,
The positive affirmation that I am making right now are running on my mind lately.

Nevertheless, will try to read book at least once a week,
Also will make an effort to be a good listener and not act like a freak.

I will spend more time with myself before I grow up more and get extra responsibilities,
Thinking twice before making any hasty decision will be a part of my serenities.

I might be the next bestseller published author and write the number one book,
Solemnly will try not to procrastinate and finish my tasks by hook or the crook.

I will vow myself to eat more veggies and fruits, pretending not to gag,
For that I will stop eating all the food packets that are stored in my bag.

I will listen to helpful podcasts and delete all the useless app,
Will prioritise my mental health and stay away from all the crap.

Here is to all the life problems that every year we try our hardest to fix,
In spite of knowing that all the motivation will be down by January six.

Definitely it is not the bad thing to keep always trying,
At least I am better and far away from all the whining.

I have been trying to improve every day and not just being the go getter,
As day by day in every way I am getting better and better.

Life will not always be easy and it will have all the setbacks,
But I am strong enough to fight all of them and fix the road that are broken with the cracks.

More than anything happiness will be my top most priority,
I will be happier and will spread happiness to the majority.

Here is my ode to all the goals, wishes and desires to which I stick like a glue,
For a year that will be more good and better than this 2022.

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2 thoughts on “2023- The Progressive Revolutionary Year

  1. Awesome new year resolutions. I found many to addd in my list too. Let’s hope the motivation doesn’t by january 6.

    P. S. One of the best poems I have ever read

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