What If I told You About You

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What if I told you a tale,

Beginning with ‘Once upon a time’,

Brushing out your life in words

With each and every line

Hearing my voice dumbfounded

And chills all over your body

The zest of your heart gets pounded

As all the words feels like your life

The more I proceed further

The more it starts to haunt you

Cause you never expected it to be written so better

Although all is utterly true

You wish to never listen the last page

And hear with utmost care

And hope to fill rest of pages right

As living life is really rare.

3 thoughts on “What If I told You About You

  1. Beautifully describing that how it will be if our life is being described in a story. Felt surreal ❤.. Keep writing and keep moving forward ✨

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