Tujhse Naraaz Nahi Zindagi: Breaking Down Music

Tujhse naaraz nahin zindagi

Hairaan hoon main

Tere maasum sawaalon se

Pareshaan hoon main

Days are dark, nights are the darkest. Life takes you on a path where you never expected to end up. You are lost midst the roads and the narrow alleys. And the only question which arises in your mind every time you think is “How did I end up here” “Why did I end up here.” You are disappointed but not surprised and the only wish you have is that the phase you are going through ends soon.

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Jeene ke liye sochaa hi nahi

Dard sambhaalane honge

Muskuraaye to muskuraane ke

Karz utarne honge

Ho muskuraun kabhi to lagta hai

Jaise honthon pe karz rakha hai

You have engrossed yourself so much into the pain which has took you to a level where you have almost forgot the real meaning of life. You are ‘surviving’ and not ‘living’. The beautiful smile you possess has been lost somewhere between the grief. And the wound is so deep that you are now afraid to smile. As you have set your mind-set that happiness is not your thing anymore.

Zindagi tere gam ne hamein

Rishte naye samajhaye

Mile jo hamein dhoop mein mile

Chaanv ke thande saaye

Life has taught you many things but to maintain and preserve any relationship has been the most horrible for you. We know that ‘A friend in need is a friend in deed.’ And you know the meaning of it the most. You have seen losing your unexpected best friends when you needed them the most and have even gained unexpected new friends who were there for you when you needed them the most.

Aaj agar bhar aai hain

Boondein baras jaayengi

Kal kyaa pataa inke liye

Aankhein taras jaayengi

Ho jaane kab gum hoya kaha khoyaa

Ek ansuun chhupaake rakhaa thaa

And here you realise that life has taught you so many things to be grateful for. You have finally learnt patience, persistence and perseverance in your life. You have learnt to live in the moment believe in the positives as you never know anything can happen anytime.

This is the song that will be there to hug you when you are at your lowest questioning your life and decisions.

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