The Ultimate Guide To Self-Motivation

What is self-motivation

The ability to empower your inner strength and achieve whatever you desire is defined as self-motivation. Of course, you won’t always have your parents, friends or close ones around you to spoon feed the motivation. In the end, it will be you and your unaffected dedication towards your aim and dreams.

The psychology of self-motivation and emotional intelligence

Now you must be pondering what is emotional intelligence! We will talk about it in depth in some other blog but to explain it in a line, it is, “The ability to understand, conquer and control our emotions in a right way to communicate, empathies, and overcome difficulties depending on the situation.”

Self-motivation and emotional intelligence are sort of connected to each other. When you understand yourself, communicate with yourself you try to find out the flaws and the motivation hidden within you which helps you find all your setbacks and let you improve.


The two types of motivation

Intrinsic motivation

The utmost feeling of happiness, gratitude and finding your purpose is included in intrinsic motivation.

Our desires, dreams and wants that derives from heart.

Extrinsic motivation

Attaining money, status and good performance to please others or even yourself is defined as extrinsic motivation.

Self-motivation is natural as it depends on your own desires and self-rewards to keep you moving. But self-motivation could mean that you create external elements to motivate yourself.

What derives from and by self-motivation?

Fun fact, I am having no motivation while writing this blog but I will still write it and with full efficiency. Why? Because it will help me get out of my comfort zone, will aid me stop procrastinating and I will complete my daily tasks which will make me move further and nearer to my goals.

And I don’t need any external motivation to complete my daily tasks, its within me. Similarly, construct your mind set and personality in such a way that you don’t need any external validation. Motivation is always within you, you just need to search for it and hold on to it.

Thereby, self-motivation is essential to grow you, within you, by you.

Is self-motivation important?

YES! If you are willing to grow in your life, you need self-motivation. External validation and motivation is temporary. What is with you, stays with you.

There will be days where no one would withstand with you, there will be lack of external support and if you haven’t built the habit of motivating yourself at that moment, you would be shattered. So yeah, it is important. Moreover, self-motivation is the absolute path to self-discipline and self-confidence.  

Ways to achieve self-motivation

Know that you are going to fail

– Yes, you read it right. People tend to believe that they will always get served with all the goodies. You should know that you are going to fail and there will be lows and lows in your life but that’s where self-motivation is going to pop up. Accepting the reality and moving on will bounce you back rather than whining about it.

Learning has no limit

My mom, she is a wonder woman. She is almost 41 and still learns. One thing I love the most about her is that she has never stopped educating herself till now and probably she never will. And that’s the reason I haven’t seen her demotivated.

Learning has no age, no limit. Every good or bad experience teaches you something or the other. The more you learn the more your self-esteem boosts.

Know your strengths and weakness

Identify your weakness before anyone has to mention about it. Work on it. This comes by self-realisation. And I’ve written an amazing blog on self-realisation which you should definitely check out.

With your strengths, grow up with it. Find what can you do with it. Don’t let it waste.

For example, my strength is writing and here I am, owning a website and helping others through it. Not a waste, at least!

Practice gratitude

Be grateful for each day you are getting to live. Ruining and winning your day is only in your hands, choose wisely, act wisely!

Patience is the key

We generally lose motivation if we don’t get to see the results quickly. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned it in my blogs but yes trust the process, believe in the process and you got it.

Understand the purpose

Remember, whatever you are doing, you are doing it for yourself and not others. So you don’t need any external motivation to keep you going. The purpose is you.

Best book I would recommend to develop self-motivation

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Linking the best article by Mark Manson on 5 Mindsets that create success which would definitely help you!

External motivation is temporary but inspiration is permanent!

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