Phir Se Ud Chala: Breaking down Music

Phir se ud chala
Ud ke chhoda hai jahaan neechein
Main tumhare ab hoon havaale
Ab door-door log bagh, meelon door ye waadiyan

There are days when you actually wish to pack your bags and run away to pursue all your dreams and goals that you have been desiring. This song conveys that how our goals have overtaken all our worries no matter no how hard it is as we are doing what we love to and are not forced by anyone to do so which makes us head over heels with our lives moving away from rest of the world.


Phir dhuaa-dhuaa tan har badli chali aati hai chhoone
Par koi badli kabhi kai karde tan geela ye bhi naa ho
Kissi manzar par main rukka nahin
Kabhi khud se bhi main mila nahin
Ye gilla to hai, main khafa nahin
Sheher ek se, gaon ek se, log ek se, naam ek
Phir se ud chala main

You are out of your comfort zone now. Your story is unravelling in your head as a cloud comes to brush against your body without rain which makes you feel content, reckless but in solitude. Everyone and all the cities looks the same to you, admiring all the landscapes, and nature, losing even the tiniest change of running into yourself but never in regret.

Mitti jaise sapne ye kitna bhi palko se jhaado
Phir aa jaate hain
Itne saare sapne kya kahoon
Kis tarah se maine tode hain, chhode hain, kyun
Mere saath chale, mujhe le ke ude, ye kyun

Your dreams are firm like the tiny specks of earth setting on your eyelids that always find the way back to you even though you keep dusting them off. You live in your moments and dreams and don’t worry about carrying too much pain with you. In between everything, when we are losing onto things and nothing seems right, we must dwell into our dreams, hope and of course love.

This song will always accompany you that will be there at the time of distress and even after innumerable replays it will stay with you, encouraging you to open yourself and start writing your story again.

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