In A Library: A Poem By Bibliophile

As soon as I enter
The aroma of the books arouses me
It arouses me with the words
It arouses me with the emotions that have been penned
And with the hard work that has been put in
It arouses me with blood sweat and tears that have been shredded to write all the majestic beauty
With every breath that I take
I inhale the feelings of all the authors and exhale the shit of the world
Oh, how great it would be if I could stay here for reading all the time
As if all of my words have been spoken
With every page that I engross myself in it
With every word I read I gallope in it
One day,
One very damn day
I’ll have my own corner across all the libraries in the world
And then there would be someone like me
Who would feel what I have been feeling right now.

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One thought on “In A Library: A Poem By Bibliophile

  1. Everyday isn’t Monday but the aroma of fresh book makes me feel like everything is new ✨

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