You Can Until It Is In Their Way


Here you are in the world

Please feel all the liberty to be yourself

Until it is fair to them

Ensure to love your body

Not much or they will tear you apart

They will scourge you for laughing

And then ponder why you are down

They will tell you that you are a trash

And that you shouldn’t make up any sound

And then shed crocodile tears with all the others

As you’re buried in the ground

You can fall in love with anyone

As long as they are chosen by them

They will allow you to have your opinions

Until you are ready to shape your views with them

Welcome to this world

They promise that they won’t swindle

And now that you are here

You got no chance that you can leave

2 thoughts on “You Can Until It Is In Their Way

  1. This just came right in the heart. Felt the poem deep down!!
    So well written that i bet no one can deny..
    Keep up this good work ✨

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