Self-Realisation: Way to self-enlightenment

Self-realisation vs Self-enlightenment

According to my understanding, in basic terms self-realisation is attaining or liberating knowledge of the own self. With respect to my perception and insight till now self-realisation is the beginning pathway or inoculum to attain self-enlightenment

While self-enlightment is the ability to feel inner spirit and explore inner self along with accepting whatever you see, feel or hear. However, it is indeed a long process and we will definitely talk about it in some of my other blog. Let us focus on to the onset of the journey now.

Why is self- realisation important

Self-realised beings are comparatively more open minded than those who have yet to understand their complete aptitude. They credibly open up with their honest opinions and feelings which leads to have stronger relationships with others.

Your mind doesn’t control you but you control your mind.


4 proven ways to attain self-realisation

1. Self-honesty

Let us remove the word ‘self’ for an instinct. Honesty is something that is most valued by the world. If we expect honesty from others we have to start being honest with ourselves. Deep down we all know where we are wrong but we are unable to digest the fact.

The ego we have will always misguide us to imagine the source of our problems outside us rather than our own consciousness.

As soon as you look into your attitude and behaviours that needs to be changed, you successfully cross the first step to attain self-realisation.

2. Self-acceptance

Self-acceptance is co-related to happiness. The more accepting you are of your flaws and mistakes and false attitude the more happiness you accept and enjoy.

It is unconditional- You recognise your weaknesses but you still get the power of freedom to welcome yourself fully, and even boosts high self-esteem and worth.

3. Self-awareness

The awareness arises in your subconscious the instant you are leading into the wrong direction. It is the ability to see yourself clearly through reflection and thoughtfulness that how your actions and thoughts are not aligning with the situation.

The moment you are honest with yourself and have started accepting the way you are; self-awareness commences on its own.

4. Self-love

Self-love is the state of appreciation for yourself by yourself that grows from actions which props up our physical, physiological, emotional and spiritual growth.

Getting mindful, proceeding actions that are based on need rather than wants, applying good self-care and following healthy habits are the powerful ways to acquire self-love.

Self-realization doesn’t happen overnight. It will take time and practice, but if you turn the practices into a habit, nothing can stop you to get there. Once you attain, you’ll feel like you are in more control over your life and be able to get yourself on to the next level.

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