Laree Chootee: Breaking Down Music

Kismat ka khel hai sara phirta tha mein awara
Yeh kya se kya hogaya
Chaar din ki zindagani
Har pal ek nai kahani

Suddenly, one day you realise the value of being self-independent and start working hard to achieve all your goals. Every moment feels new and surreal to you. Some days are tough and some days are smooth and in between you learn to survive for yourself. That constant feeling hits you when you don’t know if the things are going right for you or not. You are stuck in the loophole of self-doubt and are helpless to even support yourself.


Kya tha mein kya ban gaya
Kya hua jo larrri chuti
Jeevan ki gadi looti
Khwaab hai to mujhko naa jaga
Zindagi ek pal mein salli
Yun palat gai humari
Jhooth hai to mujhko na bataa

You were that person who used to hang out all day with your mates and didn’t knew the importance of time and money. However, now you are far away from all the fun, working days and nights, valuing the time, getting all the reality checks and when you look back you realise how far you come, how much you have improved and how much different you are from your mates. It is truly said that time flies and that sudden awareness hits you when you need it the most.

Karlo jo bhi karna hai
Hota hai jo hona hai
Guzra to pal yeh phir na aayega
Kya bura hai kya bhala hai
Waqt hi shayaad khuda hai
ho jane do phir dekha jayega

Now, you’ve understood how the world works. You have learnt to be persistent, the art of perception, and patience. Moreover, you start believing that god does everything for our good and everything happens for a reason. You have started accepting yourself, the way you are and no comparison hurts you. That strong belief that you have built for yourself over the time makes you reach to your conclusive goal. You know that if the days and time is hard for you right now, it will change. Ultimately, you’ve reached the goal of self- enlightenment that is required to exist in this universe.

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