Book Review: The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Author: Vikrant Khanna

Genre: Fiction/ Romantic Suspense and Thriller


The title is intriguing and the cover is glossy and dreamy which makes it interesting to read it over. The book is a breezy read and is fast-paced narration in simple language which interests people of all ages.

The girl who knew too much’ is a story that revolves around a young girl, Akshara. She is distressed as she lost her mother at an early age. The bond that she shared with her mother was too deep. After her mother passed away, Akshara has none to rely upon and so she gets hopeless. She gets lonely and eventually depressed. The young girl tries to find care and affection from her father but gets no assist since he is quite an introverted personality and for major times, stays away from home. The only person who loves Akshara is her maid, Shilpi Aunty whom she respects the most.

She finds comfort in Harry whom she met at a park and he takes much interest in Akshara. Harry makes her realize that a genuine love can bring back alive the dead people. He tells his own story that amazes Akshara completely to an utmost level that she gets carried away by it.


But what happens when the puzzle behind the reality of Harry and his story resolves? Do Akshara believes that a true love can bring someone back from the dead? Is the story which Harry says is real? Is the imagination strong enough to your mind and influence you to think that is possible?

Well, read the story to find out all the unanswered questions.

Whom Would I Recommend This

If mystery thriller with a tint of love interests you and if you wish to read something new and fresh, definitely go for it.


Cover: 4 / 5
Title justification: 4 / 5
Plot : 3.5 / 5
Narration : 4 / 5
Language : 4.5 / 5
Overall rating : 4 / 5