Book Review: Do Epic Shit By Ankur Warikoo

Author: Ankur Warikoo

Genre: Self-help, inspiration


Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam once said “Read failure stories and you will get some idea how to succeed”. This book serves it as the perfect example. It is basically a journal. It doesn’t attempt to set out an entirely new perspective. Instead, it tries to remind you of things you already know but have probably overlooked in the day-to-day hustle. Almost every page starts off with a quote and intricate it in a few lines, including the personal experiences sections.


If you follow Ankur Warikoo on social media, you’ll get to know that this book is a collection of all the content that he has shared over time on social platforms. However, a good book to read to learn from someone’s experiences – To learn from someone who has been in situations you have been in or might be in in future. Overall, it is a candid portrait of experiences in print format.

Some of my learnings

Chapter 1- Success and Failure

– Be responsible for your work. That’s how you will achieve trust and respect from others.
– Don’t live your life as a template. It will only bring you discomfort in the long run.
– Mistakes in his 20’s and 30’s which is absolutely gold and you cannot miss it.

Chapter 2- Habits

– Instead of targeting goals, develop habits as it will eventually build your personality through consistent pursuit of excellence.
3 things to focus on:
1. First hour after you wake up
2. Last hour before you sleep
3. Your calendar
– 10 Highly Effective Habits

Chapter 3- Awareness

– Satisfaction is possibly the most underrated thing because the world despises it.
– There are only 2 choices in life: the easy and the right one.
– Do you get what you look for, desire od dream?

Chapter 4- Entrepreneurship

– You can help improve a person’s  talent, but not their intent.
– A competent a**hole is better than an incompetent nice guy.
– Attitude > Experience > Education

Chapter 5: Money
– 7 Mistakes made by him and 10 Common money mistakes to avoid.
– 10 Lessons to preserve and grow your money and 10 illusions about money

Chapter 6- Relationships
– Be the friend you always wanted.

– Kill them with kindness

– Respect will always be greater than empathy and empathy will always be greater than sympathy.

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