Realistic Ways To Be Consistent

What exactly is consistency?

The theory of staying in a way which gradually helps in retaining flow, form and discipline is defined as consistency. Basically, it is the value and effort that you add to your daily routine to achieve some long term goal.

Why do we need to be consistent?

1. Builds discipline and self-control.

2. Constructs Accountability

3. Boosts Self-confidence and self-esteem

4. Gives you momentum

Being in the state of flow

Becoming the part of what you are doing and not worrying about past or future is dissolving yourself in a state of flow. Interestingly, consistency can only be achieved if you are in flow. Clearly defined objective and a focusing on process will lead you to a flowing state. It fades our ego and we are not the one controlling our minds and tasks we are like water, gliding into the process that is leading us creating fulfillment and happiness.


Practical ways to be consistent and streaming in flow

As previously mentioned, consistency and flow are inter related to each other so hereby I have mentioned some of the pragmatic experienced ways which might help you.

Believing in yourself

Even if the whole world is standing against you, you got to have that self-belief and discipline in you and that only comes when you start doing things rather than just day dreaming and planning about it.

Detaching from the results

I have also mentioned about detaching from the results in my last blog of manifestation What I believe is getting detached from the results and outcome and focusing just on the process is solution to many of the problems.         

Setting Realistic Goals

Easy tasks will lead to lethargy, challenging tasks will help you go into flow but setting tasks out of abilities will lead to anxiety accompanying in breakdown of self-esteem.

Give time to change your mindset

It generally takes 21 days to build a habit so you need to be persistent. Remember, achieving baby steps is also a victory as small changes will eventually add up.

Maintaining a diary

I have a diary in which I write down everything that I observe in my lifestyle and routine which has surely helped me a lot to develop immensely. Regular analysis of your failures and progress definitely aids to keep a track.

Concentrating on a single task

Increases creativity and causes us to become more considerate as we pay full attention around us. It also helps in power of retention.

Understand it’s okay to fail

In the end, it’s our experience and failure that teaches us the most so accepting, learning from it and getting back on track makes you get out of that comfort zone.

Reward yourself when you achieve something

This is the best way to be more productive and consistent. You tend to make more efforts and also boosts up your positivity.

Disclaimer: The details that I have shared is purely experienced by me and sometimes even I fail to follow it to the track which is okay.

How To stick to your goals when life gets crazy by James Clear

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  1. Thanks for these tips to increase our consistency. It is indeed the only way to achieve long term goals. As it is rightly said, ‘Rome wasn’t build in a day. ‘ Your article gives the steps which might have also been taken to build this city.

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