Overthinking: The Way Of Negative Manifestation

What is negative manifestation?

Negative manifestation or “Subconscious manifestation” is basically the thoughts that you are creating or thinking in your mind and the primary unconscious is integrating information by recognising it and manifesting it for you or ahead of you in the future.

Too complicated? Let’s understand in bits and pieces.

How does it work?

You might have noticed that whenever you overthink the thoughts are mostly regarding any negative aspect. For an example, I am a student and I envy some of my friend that “Oh, she is going to get everything she wants, she is lucky, she will top the class and I’ll never be able to reach at the place.” You keep repeating such pessimistic thought in your mind every day and when the results are out you actually got what you manifested for.

Your friend topped the class and you didn’t. That’s negative manifestation we all do in our lives frequently or I’d rather say, daily. This is just one mere example, there are thousands of negative thoughts we manifest subconsciously.

I have heard some of my friends saying, “see, I told you that it will happen to me, my gut feeling or thoughts are never wrong, I have always got such awful things.” The dreadful outcomes you get are not because of your gut or thoughts it is because of the negativity you created in yourself by whining, repeating and sending such signals to the universe.

Why do we have to think such terrible things for yourself by yourself or even for the others? It will bring nothing but generate negativity, lack of self-confidence and self-esteem, inferiority complex and loss of self-love.

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5 Powerful ways to stop negative manifestation

Analyse your thoughts and accept it.

– This is the foremost thing you would do to reduce such gloomy manifestation.

– Analyse how much time of your day you invest in such negative thoughts and what exactly brings such impressions in your mind.

Jotting it down on paper

-After analysing, the next step is to write it down on paper rather than typing it digitally as writing leaves more impact on mind.

What I do is, I divide it into 3 categories or columns.

1. Why is that thought bothering me

2. When did it start bothering me

3. What can I do to stop

– As soon you start writing, you will get all your honest answers and gradually when you start having such thoughts again, you’ll stop yourself.

Receive compliments gracefully

– People usually struggle to accept compliments as they believe they don’t deserve it due to poor self-esteem and lack of gratitude towards themselves or their life.

– Life gets a lot easier when you start knowing your worth that you deserve the best.

Start your day with a high-five

– Honestly, I tussled to look myself into the mirror as I couldn’t love myself enough the way I am.

– Then one of my closest friend advised to high-five myself in the mirror as soon as I wake up as in the end its you yourself who has to withstand by and I haven’t received such amazing encouragement ever to start loving myself.

Focus on your growth

– Karon Waddell said “Get busy watering your own grass so as not to notice whether it’s greener elsewhere.”

Know what is actual manifestation

– I have penned down everything you need to know about manifestation in my previous blog and attaching it here as it might help you.

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