Book Review: The Girl On The Train

Author: Paula Hawkins

Genre: Thriller/ Mystery/ Suspense


Paula Hawkins is ardently genius and knows how to play with her readers’ mind. Her imagination has no boundary of creativity and darkness that can engulf the audience with its power. The tone of the story is encouraging with gaps and holes due to the innumerous black outs, that kept me guessing and pulling out my hair till the utmost climax.

Rachel commutes by the same train every day to her office, and returns by the same train. She sees Jason and Jess, and the train stops outside their house every morning. Rachel feels how happy they are as a couple. The lady can feel the love between them and feels sad about her lost love. Unfortunately, one day her imagination scattered into pieces when she saw Jess with another man, getting intimidated.


Rachel consumed alcohol more on that day than she usually does and got out of control. She wanted to confront her ex-husband asking why he cheated her with Anna. She was on her way to his home whilst went unconscious and forgot everything. Although, the next day was far devastating, when she came to know that Megan, whom she imagined as Jess was missing and her husband Scott was arrested. She got bruises and scratches all over but she could not remember anything from the previous night.

Did Megan ran away? Was it all? Why was Scott arrested? Why did she get bruises and scratches?

To know the verity behind all the questions, the reader has to finish the whole book.

Whom would I recommend?

Whosoever being the hard-core fan of suspense and mystery stories this book will not disappoint you.

Negative point

I found the story has some unnecessary stretches in between which sort of seemed boring.

Positive point

Rachel pulled me into this story so much that it kept me hooked to it till the very last page.

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