An Ode To The Memorable Trip

Recently, I went on a trip to Manali with my friends and I am glad I did. It brought out nothing but the best in me. I have never been so confident in my life as I am now. I know that no matter wherever life takes me somehow I’ll deal with it and I dedicate all this progress to the trip.

Mountains embraced her
Like no one else could
She would soak it up
And it held her hand
A deep breath from the top
Relaxed her lungs
Vanishing out of the room
Where anxiety hung
Cool breeze served greetings
To sing her blues away
The sweet chirping of birds
Just knew what to say
That deep starry nights
In wide open sky
Danced with her dreams
To explore new places
Clear cold water on her skin
Erased her self doubt
And the flowers knew
They were her type of crowd

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8 thoughts on “An Ode To The Memorable Trip

  1. Yeahh your writings just remind me the flashbacks of that trip and you said it right that trip has taught us a lot of things in a right manner and embrace us in good way ✨

    Thank you for the flashbacks and keep writing🙌❤️

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