Beginning of a journey!

Have you ever wondered how one thought can change your whole world? Writing has always been there in every ounce of my blood and one fine night I thought that why not create your own website? It has been rambling in my mind since months and now, here I am making it happen.

Who am I?

Hola folks, I am Harshita Nankani, a ‘Certified Digital Content Writer’ and honestly I love writing thereupon my purpose to create this site is to help you all through my wordplay.

What is the website about?

Worddicted is the combination of ‘word’ and ‘addicted’ which represents my affection towards words. Hence it’s going to be all about self-help topics, book-reviews, poems, musings and some surprise element! It will all be raw and natural which I am sure will succour you in some or the other way.

15 thoughts on “Beginning of a journey!

  1. All the very best for your journey.
    Keep writing & keep touching our hearts through your words.

  2. heyyy, wishing you all the luck for this new upcoming adventure of yoursss. I am so much thrilled to be a part of it<3

  3. Wish you nothing but great success in your new journey ❤️

    Just keep writing and have fun with your writing and keep getting better and better 🙌💯

    You go girl😌 keep going and keep splendid in your own way✨❤️

  4. Congratulations Harshita for taking this great step!! Looking forward to your amazing writings. Wish you all the best and nothing but big success. I hope you achieve what you want.

  5. Wishing all the very best for this upcoming journey. I am so much proud of you for doing this. Just keep moving forward!

  6. All the best harshita , keep growing keep posting fascinating thoughts , god bless you …👍👍👍

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